Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Ode to Otoño

I think I have decided that Autumn is my favorite season. I love the freshly fallen snow, the warmth of summertime, and the flowers of springtime, but I don't think anything compares to the brilliance of fall. Keats calls it
Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun

I call it pure splendor! The trees are ablaze with color that sweeps over the mountains. My feet are warm in my brown leather boots, my scarf hangs stylishly over my sweater, and the crisp cold air blows leaves off the trees in a swirling dance around my body. Romantic isn't it? I think so. Another great thing about fall is that it always brings my family down for a visit. Going to see the leaves up Provo canyon has come to be an annual occurrence. We usually stop at Bridal Veil falls on our way up to the Alpine loop.
Me, Tammy, Grace, and Kevin
It was the perfect day to see the leaves. I cannot think of anything more lovely than spending time with my family in the beauty of Provo Canyon.

We stumbled upon this spectacular aspen grove. If I were a tree I think I would be an Aspen. They are white, tall, and skinny (like me!) and when the wind blows through the branches the leaves rustle as if the tree is singing. I also just love the yellow brightness of their leaves. 

If seeing the leaves was not joy enough, we paired it with Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Shakes and Burgers from Sammy's and a phone call from my best friend informing me that she is finally engaged to the most amazing fellow. 
Autumn has brought me endless joy with its falling leaves of reds, yellows, and oranges. Thank you for coming, even though you came later than I expected. I know you cannot stay long because Jack Frost is already planning his morning runs, but maybe it is your brief stay that makes me cherish you so much. Please come again next year!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The start of a beautiful relationship

I'm currently in a relationship.
I haven't been in too many romantic relationships recently, but this new relationship will hopefully stick around for a long time.
RELATIONSHIP #1 = My Body! I've been enjoying a lot of "me" time lately, especially in London, where I developed an awesome relationship with myself. I'm learning a lot about me - the way I think, the way I feel, the dreams I want to accomplish, etc.
One of the biggest things I've found in my relationship with myself, is confidence! Especially confidence in my own beauty. Before I headed to London, I was not too happy with the "freshman fifteen" that had somehow come a year late. I came back from London about 7lbs lighter and feeling awesome! How was I going to keep this weight off and also continue keeping myself healthy?
My Mom has been doing Weight Watchers (I am so proud of her) and I knew if I joined we could be an awesome support group for each other. I know what you are thinking..."Jenny, you DON'T need to go on a DIET!" True...but it is not so much of a diet as a way of life. I'm realizing what I eat every day and learning to make healthier choices. Not to mention...I've now officially lost all of that unwanted Sophomore 15 and I did it by eating everything I love.
I had a pair of Jean shorts that were so tight at the beginning of this summer. I mean REALLY TIGHT! I had to unbutton them every time I sat down because they were uncomfortable.
I tried them on the other day, and now they are a bit too big! (Yes, I did a little dance down the hall of my apartment in my new perfect fitting shorts!)
So I am developing an awesome relationship with my body!
I've started really enjoying cooking and finding new recipes. As sad as it may sound, cooking is my getaway from the craziness of homework and working. My coworker asked me the other day if I had any fun plans for the evening...I responded with "I am going to cook Lemon Herb Halibut and maybe make some zucchini cookies!" So I've started a new relationship with my food and discovered that I am becoming a pretty decent cook!
EXHIBIT A: My Success
My Next Achievements:
Three Berry Scones and Butternut Squash Soup

RELATIONSHIP #3 - Me and My Hair
It was time for a change. I decided to pull a "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and chop most of my hair off! I'm starting a brand new relationship with my hair as I discover how to style it in its new length. Mostly I just switch from curly short hair to straight short hair, but I feel like the sky's the limit now.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rite of Passage

There is a certain rite of passage that every true BYU student must go through before they graduate. 

The Y has always been a beacon for me, telling me that I am in fact almost at my destination of Provo. I love to play "Spy the Y" in the winter time because the white Y hides spectacularly in the white snow. But, I had never actually hiked to the thing.The fact that I am a third year student here at BYU and I have not hiked the Y appalls most people. Well, you can all rest in peace now because I finally hiked to that stunning white beacon on the mountainside. 

The hike is not too strenuous, but it is more difficult than I had expected. It is basically just one switch back after another, but accompanied by a beautiful view of Utah Lake and the Oquirrh Mountains. 
I hiked it with my FHE family at Sunset. The lake was absolutely glistening in the glow of the setting Sun. Once at the Y, you have the option of hiking to the bottom of the Y or the top part of the Y. I went to the bottom and hiked right up the middle of the Y, so I could boast that I truly hiked the whole Y.

Up close, the rocks smothered in white paint that make the Y look like melted marshmallows. Similar to when you make rice krispe treats and the marshmallows have not completely melted yet.
They say that if you lay upside down on the Y it feels as if you are falling off the Earth. I had to try it. I must admit that I was a bit scared of lying upside down on this huge slope, so I asked my roommate to hold my ankles. As I leaned back, I saw the sky and the stars and then the city lights. I was upside down on a mountain and it did feel a bit like falling off the Earth.

This is me falling off the earth!