Monday, March 19, 2012

"There's gonna be a floody-floody"

Hello Blog, it's been a while (tests + papers + good weather = distractions) So I have an exciting adventure to relate to you all. It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon: Saturday's Warrior was playing on the television, my roommate Sarah and I were happily decorating shamrock sugar cookies, and my roommate Carrolyn was busy cooking us delicious chicken enchiladas. SUDDENLY - out of nowhere, we hear Carrolyn yell "Oh my gosh!" I had assumed the sound of splashing water was just the usual occurrence of an overflowing pot of boiling chicken, but no, I was wrong. We turned to see a flood of water pouring out of the cupboard under our sink. Upon opening this cupboard, a fast geyser of water began shooting warm water from what appeared to be the side of our dishwasher (This seemed strange since our dishwasher was not even running)

After a few screams, we quickly jumped into action. "Get something to catch the water with!" - "Grab pots and pans, use a garbage bag, anything!" - "Keep the water away from the carpet at all costs!" I ran back to my room to quickly call our management's emergency number and of course to grab my camera! (You always regret not having pictures of these things) We began tossing buckets of hot water outside our apartment, which quickly grabbed the attention of some neighbors who came to the rescue. We located our water valve in the storage room and shut off the water. The geyser stopped, but we were still standing in water covering our toes.

Laughter erupted and a bag of warm soapy water was unexpectedly poured all over my back. Our neighbors brought reinforcements as an army of women used towels, mops, dust pans...anything to push the water out of our apartment and especially away from our carpeted areas. Apparently the chord / tube that connects the water with the sink became disconnected. Our Manager fixed it, paid for us to wash and dry all of our towels, and kindly offered to have our carpets cleaned if necessary. However, thanks to our army of women, our carpet seems to be fine!
Heidi Poured water on my shoulder

We were lucky. Lucky that this did not happen while we were at church, lucky that we had great reinforcements, lucky we had so many sugar cookies to share with our friendly neighbors, and lucky nothing got damaged. In the end, we survived the great flood! We had fun and our kitchen floor is now exceptionally clean.