Monday, May 26, 2014

My Washington DC Favorites

1. Favorite Spot in the City = The Tidal Basin. Day or night, cherry blossom season or iced over - the tidal basin is lovely.
2. Favorite Statue = The Einstein Statue 
3. Favorite Restaurant = Ted's Bulletin. Art Deco, old time movies, milkshakes, good food, homemade pop-tarts!

4. Favorite Building = Library of Congress: I could stay in here forever!

5. Favorite overlooked art piece = The "Victory Day" bas relief at WWII memorial (Why walk around a mail box when you can kiss your girl over it?)

6. Favorite museum = National Gallery of Art (Obviously!)

7. Favorite Run Route = Taylor Creek and Potomac Overlook trail (Technically in Virginia)

8. Favorite part of my commute = the George Washington Parkway next to the river

9. Favorite Memorial FDR memorial  

10. Favorite Secret to share  = Kilroy is on the back of the WWII memorial