Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I wonder what the man is thinking today...

I am officially moving back home in two days, but there are many little quirks about Regency 103 that I am going to miss. I will miss having 5 other crazy girls around me night and day, the strange Iron mark in the carpet, and the trees outside the window. BUT most of all, I am going to miss the little man in the shower.

Ok, Yes. I know what you are thinking, and no there is not a real man in my shower. That would be totally against all BYU honor code regulations.On the light above our shower, there is this dark mark. I thought it was dirt for a while, but it mysteriously will not come off no matter how much I scrub. I like to think it is paint because I don't want to begin to think of the other possibilities. Jessica discovered that this little stain looks just like a man wearing a cape and an old cap sitting and writing with a feather pen. She claims he is writing some great manifesto. He may also be smoking a long pipe...we haven't officially decided.

When I am showering, I often look up at the man and make up ideas about what he is writing. I believe that he is a starving artist or poet searching for great inspiration. In a funny way, he has become a type of muse for me and my own writing. Thank you Jessica for introducing me to the funny little man in the shower, and to my little muse- Thank you for the inspiration!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You officially know it's finals when...

  • You get 8 hours of sleep, but it still somehow only feels like 6
  • You throw your hair up in a ponytail two days in a row
  • The dishes in the sink start piling up
  • Your flashcard piles look like mini towers of Babel 
  • You haven't seen your roommate in over 78 hours because she's pulling all nighters
  • You're on a date with Harold Friday and Saturday night (a.k.a you live at the library)
  • You look for any type of distraction from studying including, but not limited to: eating, staring off into space, Facebook stalking, and blogging about finals. 
  • Dark circles form under your eyes from lack of sleep and too much time staring at a computer screen
For everyone about to go into Finals...GOOD LUCK!! When you feel like you just want to give up, remember what Dory from "Finding Nemo" says, "Just Keep Swimming!"