Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Drive Home With Me

I've clocked out for my last time and I'm headed home for the day, want to join me? 
I'd love to share my favorite parts of this commute with you before I don't make it anymore. 

1st: As we sit here under the eagle gate, we better check to see if "extremely attractive young man" is  crossing the street. I'm not one to usually gawk at men, or care about their looks much, but there is this one young man who has crossed in front of my car on at least two occasions who just makes me so happy. I don't find "my type" very often, so when I do, it is exciting. I think he works downtown because he has a work badge and he's walking from downtown at just about closing time. I know it is unlikely I'll ever meet him, he might be married, he might be gay, or a real jerk, but no matter what, it is refreshing to know "this type" exists. Also, he's got great style! 

2nd: Next, we'll pass by the stunning Cathedral of the Madeline with it's Gothic gargoyles. If the bells are ringing, let's turn the radio off, roll the windows down, and drink in the Doppler effect. I wonder if people stop to listen to those bells often enough?

3rd: The Bride Shop window will be coming up on our right. There are three dressed mannequins in the window. These wedding dresses cycle every week, so it is customary to peak at the window and choose which of the three dresses is our favorite. I really like the neckline on the one on the left. 

4th: South Temple is one of my favorite streets for beautiful old houses. These are the magnificent mansions of the past with turrets, columns, big windows, and cornices. The Governor's mansion is only one of the lovely homes we'll pass. My personal favorite is the blue one with the big turret. It is currently up for sale, and I may have contemplated living there for a whole split second once.

5th: Here's the park. This park enjoys some of the most interesting patrons. My favorite are the quidditch players running around with sticks between their legs and aiming for three tall hoops. I've also seen some martial artists here as well. 

6th: This old cemetery happens to be the home of a giant herd of deer. Occasionally they will be grazing by the fence and we can catch a glimpse. I wonder if they know how to get out of there.

Thanks for joining me on my drive.
It's nice to have company. 

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